A Bohemian Birthday Bash!

In honor of my birthday month, I thought I’d share one of my favorite birthday parties I planned in the past: A Bohemian Birthday Bash! This is an easy, fun, and bright way to usher in a great birthday celebration!

Clothing Ideas:
Vintage Outfits
Long Necklaces
Floppy Hats

Decor Ideas:
Bright colored pillows
Long table
Twinkly Lights
Funky Pottery
Gold Chargers
Fresh Flowers
White Horse for photo opp (a girl can dream, right?!)

Bohemian Style Birthday Party

Here I am going for “Boho Chic.” For this look, I had everything in my closet already and just had to buy the cream dotted tunic. The pink vest was actually made out of a scarf I had in my closet! 🙂

Boho Chic Birthday

A Bohemian Birthday Bash Banner is easy to make. I printed off the letters B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y and attached them to these cute scrapbook papers and hung them on a piece of twine with some clothespins.

Bohemian Birthday Banner

I sewed these pillows covers below to match my theme (for sitting around the table.) You can find instructions on my “How to Sew A Pillow-Cover In just 18 Minutes” Blog post here.

Bohemian Pillows

These adorable napkins were spotted at World Market at the very beginning of my party planning. One tip in planning your party: Find one thing that you absolutely love and then plan the theme/colors around it. These napkins were my starting point!


I sent all of the girls attending the party a link to my fabulous Vintage Bohemian Style Pinterest Board for outfit inspiration! You can see more outfit ideas here on my Pinterest page. Looking back, I should have had an “Outfit of the Evening Winner” and that would have gone to my dear friend Joy on the left below!! She looked so darn cute!

Boho Chics!

When it came time for me to figure out where I was going to get a 7 x 3 foot table, I finally had this ingenious idea! (I was stumped about this for days on end and finally this idea came to me…at night… while I was supposed to be sleeping!) Does anyone else have some of your greatest ideas in the middle of the night?! Lol! Back to my brilliant idea. 😉  I USED MY BEDROOM DOOR AS A TABLE!! Y’all, isn’t that so FUN?! I took the door off the hinges, which was actually a lot harder than it was supposed to be as the paint was acting like glue. But, after lots of scraping and warm water and hammering those hinges out like a crazy lady, they were free! I then set the door in the middle of the living room floor on two boxes filled with books! Make-shift table right there! Ha!

My "bedroom door-turned-table!!" Now if I can just get it back on the hinges! haha!

Here are my dear girlfriends that were able to attend my Bohemian Birthday Bash! It was such a special evening as each girl went around the table sharing how we had met and a sweet story about our friendship.

Bohemian Style Dinner....

Bohemian Birthday Bash Menu included Mediterranean food: Greek Salad, Hummus/Pita Bread/Fresh Veggies, Greek Olives, Chicken/Veggie Kabobs, and cupcakes, of course!

Bohemian Party Dinner Menu

Boho Chic Party

To top the evening off, we made wooden bracelets out of popsicle sticks! Such a fun idea! You can see the instructions for this craft on my blog post “DIY Wooden Bracelets” here.

Bohemian bracelets

Below was my favorite pic of the night….A picture with my precious friend Jamie Mc, that I have known since the first day of 8th grade! Jamie exuded JOY like no one I have ever met before. She lived with purpose, intention to love others well, and had the most contagious laugh.  Jamie lived for a little shy of one year after this pic was taken. You can read a sweet story I wrote about my precious friend Jamie in my blog post here.

My dear friend Jamie


The Bohemian Birthday Bash theme was definitely a super fun one! Please let me know if you end up planning your next birthday with a similar theme! I would love to see pics!

Much love!

xoxo, Holly



4 thoughts on “A Bohemian Birthday Bash!

  1. Holly, I loved this cute theme party! You are so creative! I was wondering where you found that perfect table when I first saw the photo! Then I read your blog and had to laugh! So how well were you able to get the door back up?? ? ??. Loved those pretty napkins and those pillows! Do you really ever have time to sleep?! Love your FUN ideas, love YOU!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Kelli! Glad you enjoy it and the story about the door! Haha! So glad it all worked out as planned in my head! So fun seeing you the other day! Much LUV!

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