My Love for Pom Pom’s!

I’m pretty sure pom pom’s are the happiest little pieces of yarn I have ever seen! Whether they are on clothing or pillows or shoes, I really do love them all!! AND….it seems that since it is summer, they are popping up EVERYWHERE! Have y’all been noticing that as well?! To get you all on the Pom Pom Train, I decided to share a few of my favorite pom pom’s with you. I first saw this straw purse below at the recent Inspired Retreat I went to last month and absolutely LOVED it!! Then I started seeing pom pom’s left and right!

My Favorite Pom Pom's
Bohemian Black and White Stripes with Pom PomsImage above courtesy of Pinterest  

Pom Pom Shorts

Image above courtesy of Merrick’s Art

Pom Pom Bedding

Image above courtesy of Pinterest 

Pom Pom Scarf

My friend Joy gave me this pom pom scarf above! It makes an adorable swim suit coverup or can be worn dressy with heels and jeans!

My Favorite Pom Pom's

What pom pom items have you been enjoying lately, whether in fashion or decor? They are just so much fun and I’m hoping this fashion statement stays around for a long time!

xoxo, Holly

2 thoughts on “My Love for Pom Pom’s!

    1. Thank you so much, Joy!!! And thank you for the adorable orange pom pom scarf for my Birthday! It made the blog! 🙂

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